Dr. K. L. Thakral

Chancellor – Oriental University

Dr. K.L.Thakral, Chancellor, Oriental University, IndoreDr. K.L. Thakral was born on 1929 in Punjab, which is now a part of Pakistan. He migrated to India after partition of the country in 1947. After a tough struggle, he completed his education, MA in History from Meerut College, Meerut in 1955 and settled, along with his family, at Bhopal in mid February, 1960, 55 years ago.

He was President of Industries’ Association, Bhopal for three times and contributed substantially in establishment of industries there. He is also the Founder of MP KAPI Udyog Sangh. After a successful stint in industry, he shifted to education in 1992.

He is the Founder President of Devi Shakuntala Thakral Charitable Foundation, Bhopal, the sponsors of Oriental Group of Institutes at Bhopal, Jabalpur and Indore. He established Oriental University, Indore in 2011. It is the first private University at Indore. It is a multi-disciplined and multi-dimensional University, functioning and progressing well. Oriental has, in fact, become a well known brand in higher education in our country. He is the Chancellor of Oriental University.

Dr. K. L. Thakral stands decorated with series of outstanding national and international honours and awards as follows:

International awards:

  1. International Status Award for Intellectual Development (Bangkok)
  2. International Socrates Award in the field of Education from Europe Business Assembly, Oxford, Great Britain (UK) (2013).
  3. International Gold Star Award & Certificate of Excellence from Global Achievers Foundation (2013), Dubai.
  4. Doctor of Literature from the International University for Complementary Medicines, Colombo Sri Lanka (2013)
  5. The European Award for Best Practices – 2014 – European Society for Quality Research, Brussels.
  6. European Society for QualityResearch-QualityAchievementAward 2015,London(UK)

National awards:

  1. Shiromani Award
  2. Jewel of India Award
  3. Glory of India Award
  4. Shiksha Bharti Puruskar
  5. Best Citizen of India Award
  6. Eminent Education Award
  7. Gold Medal Excellence Award
  8. Rajiv Gandhi Excellence Award
  9. Mother Teresa Excellence Award
  10. Indira Gandhi Sadbhavana Award
  11. Indira Gandhi Shiksha Shiromani Award
  12. Rashtriya Vidya Gaurav Gold Medal Award
  13. All India Business & Community Award for Education Excellence – Edupreneurs Award 2013.
  14. 50 Most Influential Education Entrepreneurs
  15. Shiksha Bharti Award 2015
  16. Life Time Education Achievement Award