Academic Calender July – Dec 2018




12-July 14 July Registration of students All HoDs /TGs should ensure proper filling up of all the fields of Registration.
16-Jul-18 Commencement of semester and regular classes Issue of SRM
7-Aug-18  submission of Assignment I 20% syllabus
9-Aug-18 Unit Test 20% of Syllabus
18-Aug-18 Announcement of Assignment I grades & UT result Test copies must be shown to students.
20-Aug-18 Dispatch of letters to Parents Send Test Results along with the Attendance details.
31-Aug-18 submission of Assignment II 40% of Syllabus
06-Sept -08 Sept Unit Test-II 40% of Syllabus
12-Sep-18 Announcement of Assignment II grades & UT result  
14-Sep-18 Dispatch of letters to Parents Send Unit Test-II Results along with the Attendance details
25-Sep-18 Assignment-III  submission 60% of Syllabus
27-Sept -29 Sept 18 MST I 60% of Syllabus
3-Oct-18 Announcement of Assignment-III Grade & MST I Result I   
18 Oct -20 Oct 18 Unit Test III It should cover 80% of syllabus
23-Oct-18 Announcement of Test-III Result  
25-Oct-18 Dispatch of letters to parents Sending Results along with the Attendance details
As per Notification  Submission of Exam Form for Semester Exam.  
29-Oct-03-Nov-18 PUT  
30-Oct-18 Submission of Assignment IV It should cover whole syllabus.
31-Oct-18 Announcement of Assignment IV grade  
1-Nov-18 End Semester Practical & Theory exam Time Table notification  
1 Nov – 5 Nov 18 Remidial Classes  
12-Nov-17-Nov-18 End Semester Practical Exam  
20-Nov-18 Semester Exam  As per Time table to be notified.
23-Dec-18 Submission of Internal Assessment & End Sem practical marks. To be notified by the University.

List of Holidays , July – Dec 2018




15-08-2018 Wednesday Independence Day
22-08-2018 Wednesday Id-ul zuha
3/9/2018 Monday Janmashtami
21-09-2018 Friday Moharram
24-09-2018 Monday Second Day of Anant Chaturdashi
2/10/2018 Tuesday Gandhi Jayanti
19-10-2018 Friday Vijay Dashmi
24-10-2018 Wednesday Valmiki Jayanti
7/11/2018 Wednesday Deepawali
8/11/2018 Thursday Second day of Deepawali
21-11-2018 Wednesday Mila-dul- Nabi
23-11-2018 Friday Guru Nanak Jayanti
25-12-2018 Tuesday Christmas