Seminar on “Impact of Cinema on Society” was organized by OSBM & C Department

Seminar on “Impact of Cinema on Society” was organized by OSBM & C Department

On 16th March 2018 under the Mentor-ship of Director & Dean OSBM & C Dr. R. K. Jain, a very interesting seminar on “Impact of Cinema on Society” was organized by OSBM & C.

The distinguished guest & speaker for the day, Chief of Vak Production Ms. Rachna Johri took thorough the audience from period of pre independence to present times with her very precise choice of Cinematic scenes, songs & Dialogues. This created a very deep sense of understanding of this very powerful media called Cinema among the audience.

The program was initiated with impressing clips of Amir Khan Dialogues and took the audience through 30, 60s and 70s and to the current period of cinema. The Very beginning of Cinema in India with the production of Raja Harish Chandra in 1923 represented the social icon of Indian society who stood for truth. She explained the role of Cinema in representing the Social, political & Religious issues of particular time period and how it impacted the society by her meticulous choice of Cinema video & Audio Clips & Select songs.

Hon’ble Vice Chancellor Prof. H. R. Singh in his welcome speech addressed the very need of use of this powerful media in learning process. He emphasized that there should be more such attempts be made to connect the learning process with cinematic expression for lasting learning.

In his Blessing address Hon’ble Chancellor Dr. K. L. Thakral expressed his affirmation to this attempt of OSBM & C to use such an innovative approach of making learning so much eventful. He also stressed on need of doing more positive for society by cinema in current times of transition where Moral values are at stack.

The program was attended by Principals & HODs of various departments along with staff and their students.

Glimpse of the event: