Civil Engineering Dept. Organised Seminar on “Practical Applications of Civil Engineering”

Seminar on Practical Applications of Civil Engineering – Correlation Between Academic Knowledge and Filed Knowledge with Respect to Bridge & Building Construction

The seminar on the above topic was organized in Department of Civil dated on 11/04/2018. The objective of the seminar was to aware the students regarding the the updation of their knowledge after graduation. The design of structure is an important parameter, this parameter play very important role to decide the strength and cost of economy. Strength and cost of building requires skills in field of building and bridge design.

The theme of seminar was to meet out the challenges life of peoples are changing daily by daily. So it its best solution may depends on the use of theoretical and practical/ field knowledge. In this seminar teaches to students, how they use their theoretical knowledge in field as an expert.

As per objective the expert discussed all the aspects of civil engineering design like, concrete structure, steel structure- riveting, bolting, and welding. They covered not only the RCC, RBC and Steel structure; they also covered in detail all the aspect of environmental engineering like water treatment plant, sewage treatment plant site selection, capacity and their installation.

The main focus of seminar was to perform the qualitative work of design of structure. According to control of quality which types of materials should be most suitable and how to select, according to IS codes, discussed in details.

The program was facilitated by SGS INDIA Pvt. Ltd. Dhar. The lecture was delivered by Mr. Sapan Chawla and Mr. S.K.Kanungo

The seminar was organized on the continuous guidance and support of Dr. Dhruva Ghai Hon’ble VC of the University.

Seminar Delivered By:

  • Mr. Sapan Chawla, SGS India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Mr. S. K. Kanungo, SDO, PWD, Dhar (M.P. Govt.)

Seminar Organized By:

  • Dr. M. P. Verma (HOD)


  • Mr. Sagar Jamle
  • Mr. Ankit Pal


  • Mr. Ajay Sharma

Glimpse of the event:

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