Department of Pharmacy, Oriental University, Indore Students Visited Cyano Pharmaceutical (P) Ltd.

Department of Pharmacy, Oriental University, Indore students visited Cyano Pharmaceutical (P) Ltd., Polo ground, Indore on 11 April 2018

An Industrial visit to Cyano Pharmaceutical (P) Ltd., polo ground, Indore was organised by Department of Pharmacy, Oriental University on 11 April 2018. 30 students and three faculties Dr Neetesh .K Jain, Dr Gurdeep Singh and Mrs Adityarajee T Pandit visited to Cyano Pharmaceutical (P) Ltd.

Cyano Pharma (P) Ltd., is one of India’s leading Manufacturers of Generic &Patent Allopathic as well as Ayurvedic Pharma formulations, having sections of Tablets, Capsules, Oral Liquid, External Liquids, Ointments, Powders, (O.R.S.) etc. The company having expertise in all field of manufacturing & supply mainly Ferrous Sulphate & Folic Acid Tablets, ORS mainly & many others products .Cyano Pharma (P) Ltd; supplies their products to Health Departments of all states as well as Domestic market. They Export our products since last 27 years.

In the afternoon at 10:30 pm we visited to Cyano Pharmaceutical (P) Ltd. Our students visited all the section of industry like raw material section , there raw materials are kept according to GMP guidelines, then they visited the mixing and formulation section (production department), there raw material was weighed, mixed and formulate into the compressed tablet formulation from course powder. They showed us how bulk powder with all the excipients was transferred to the tablet manufacturing machine. Then this powder goes into the dies and punches will put the pressure, this powder convert into the tablets. Then we visited coating section where the final coating of the tablet was running for making the final product tablet.

After that, we visited Quality Control and Quality Assurance department, there testing of manufacturing tablet batches was running. Then after we visited validation section, this lab was fully equipped with different instrumentation and attached with microbiological section. Lastly we visited packaging section; there we had seen Blister packaging machine and labelling machine for liquids preparation and their working.

The General Manager of Cyano Pharmaceutical (P) Ltd Dr. Sunil Balekar and Mr Vijay Jain, Director QA/QC interacts with our students and solves the queries of our students. He also motivated to students to select their area of interest. Finally they gave us the refreshment drinks. It was an informative, interesting and successful visit. As students Pharmacy, they understand a live production, testing and packaging of the pharmaceutical manufacturing company.

We expressed our thanks to the General Manager, Director and all team members of Cyano Pharmaceutical (P) Ltd. who spent their valuable time for us. We also thank to Dr. K. L. Thakral, Hon`ble Chancellor, Dr. Dhruva Ghai, Officiating Vice Chancellor, Er. Gaurav Thakral, Director (P&D), Dr. Dhruva Ghai, Dean (Engg. & Technology), Dr. Garima Ghai, Dean Academics, Shri P. K. Sharma, DGM, Corporate Affairs and Dr. M. K.Gupta, Dean, Pharmacy, who motivate us to arrange such an informative program as Industry Visit. Faculty coordinator of this visit was Dr. Neetesh. K Jain, Dr Gurdeep Singh and Mrs. Adityarajee T Pandit.

Glimpse of the visit:

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