Department of Pharmacy, Oriental University, Indore Students Visited AMSAR Pvt. Ltd.

Department of Pharmacy, Oriental University, Indore Students Visited AMSAR Pvt .Ltd., Laxmi Bai Nagar, Indore on 12 Feb 2018

An Industrial visit to AMSAR Pvt .Ltd., Laxmi Bai Nagar, Indore was organised by Department of Pharmacy, Oriental University on Monday 12 February 2018. Thirty Five students of B. Pharm VI, VIII SEMESTER and two faculties visited to AMSAR Pvt. Ltd to interact with Ayurvedic company to understand current market scenario, latest most demanding ayurvedic formulation and criteria for selection etc. In the afternoon at 12:30 pm we visited to AMSAR Pvt. Ltd. Our students visited all the section of industry like raw material section there crude drugs are kept according to GMP guidelines. then they visited the Grinding section, there raw material was grinded into course powder from there we visited Extraction section. Extraction units were running for different crude material.

After that we visited production department ,there tablet manufacturing batches was running. They showed us how bulk powder with all the excipient was transferred to hopper of the tablet manufacturing machine. Then this powder goes into the deice and punches will put the pressure, this powder convert into the tablets. Tablets will come out it will collected, after collecting this tablets sent to their Quality control department for further testing. After production we visited validation section, this lab was fully equipped with HPLC,HPTLC,ATOMIC ABSORPTION SPECTROSCOPY,TISSUE IDENTIFICATION UNIT and attached with microbiological section. Lastly we visited packaging section, there we had seen BLISTER packaging machine and their working.

The Unit Manager of AMSAR Pvt. Ltd. DR. VENKTESH PARIHAR interact with our students and solve the queries of our students regarding future aspect of Ayurveda field ,their demands and market scenario. He also motivated to students to select their area of interest. Finally he gave brief introduction of AMSAR Pvt. Litd. and their R & D unit which is in Mumbai. It was an informative, interesting and successful visit. As students Pharmacy ,they understand a live production ,testing and packaging of the ayurvedic drugs. We express our thanks to the Unit Manager, Head and all team members of AMSAR PVT.Ltd. who spent their valuable time for us. We also thank to our Hon`ble Chancellor Dr. K. L. Thakral , Respected Officiating Vice Chancellor Prof. H.R.Singh , Director (P&D), Mr. Gaurav Thakral, Dean (Engg. & Technology), Dr. Dhruva Ghai, Dean Academics Dr. Garima Ghai, DGM, Corporate , Shri P.K.Sharma and Dean, Pharmacy , Dr. M. K. Gupta who motivate us to arrange such an informative program as Industry Visit. Faculty coordinator of this visit was Dr. Saroj Yadav and Mr. Sanjay Mishra.

Glimpse of the visit:

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