Mechanical Engineering Department Conducted Ph.D. & M. Tech. Viva

Department of Mechanical Engineering conducted final M. Tech. viva of Mr. Gaurang Sharma on topic “FEM Analysis of Fins with Varying Shapes & Material for Their Thermal Behavior & Applications” and of Mrs. Priyanka Guru on topic “Finite Element Analysis of Static Stresses & Thermal Stresses Using an IC Engine Piston Including Different Materials”, on 29th January 2018, in seminar hall of Oriental University, Indore.

Department of Mechanical Engineering also conducted first pre submission defense viva of Mr. Kishore Kumar Gadgey on the topic “Investigation of Mechanical Properties of Chitin from Narmada Riverside Crab Shell & Their Uses” on 27th January 2018 in the seminar hall of Oriental University, Indore.

Glimpse of the event:

*Click on te image to enlarge

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