Oriental School of Polytechnic Industrial Visit at VishalFab Pvt. Ltd.

Industrial Visit is carried out at VishalFab (India) Pvt. Ltd. Indore on 1st March 2018 especially for Diploma all disciplines students. The main objective of the visit was to make student aware of Machining, Electroplating, Electro brazing, Stamping etc. Company is a premier manufacturer of components and sub-assemblies made out of copper and copper alloys suitable for a broad range of Electrical switchgear.

We four faculties member along with 56 students left for visit at 1:00 p.m and took half an hour to cover the distance. The company is located in Plot no. 13-14, Sector E Sanwer Road Industrial Area Indore.

As soon as we reached company we were guided by Director Mr. Anil Joshi about Product Portfolio and Product Applications. It was great to know that company manufacturing cold stamped parts, hot forged parts, machined parts and bare/plated copper strips & foils. Products are shortly described below :

STAMPING : It possess fleet of presses comprising of conventional, cross shaft PLC Controlled, hydraulic and hydro Pneumatic types to cater to most stringent parts in terms of shape, size, precision.

ELECTROBRAZING : Electro brazing process, parts are held between electrodes under controlled parameters such as time, current and pressure.

Industrial Visit Organized By :

Mr. Neeraj Khatri – Principal Diploma, Oriental University Indore

  • Mobile : +91- 8827912344
  • Email : principal.diploma@orientaluniversity.in

Visits Coordinators :

  • Mr. Amit Singh
  • Mr. Gajendra Raghuvanshi
  • Mr. Ashish Potphode
  • Ms. Neha Thakur

Glimpse of the visit :

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