Microsoft Innovation Center

Microsoft Innovation Center – Oriental University, Indore

Microsoft Innovation Center

Microsoft Innovation Center (MICs) are state of art technology facilities for collaboration on innovative research, technology or software solutions, involving a combination of government, academic and industry participants. Innovation and collaboration have long been hallmarks of the commercial software ecosystem, a $1 trillion marketplace that is a driving force in local software industries and the global knowledge economy. Microsoft has supported these thriving ecosystems through ongoing investments in a robust and affordable computing platform built around interoperability, partnerships and enhancing local capabilities. On a global level and in communities worldwide, a network of 625,000 software, hardware and computer services firms create jobs, generate tax revenue, and spawn new innovations that stimulate economic growth throughout the economy. To further fuel innovation and the development of strong, self-sustaining local software industries, Microsoft is partnering with local governments, academic institutions, industry organizations and software and hardware vendors to expand its network of Microsoft Innovation Centers (MIC). Today these centers serve over 80 communities worldwide. Microsoft and partners in each community work together to operate the MICs, which are centers open to students, professional software developers, IT professionals, entrepreneurs and academic researchers. While each Center tunes its programs to local needs, they all provide similar content and services designed to accelerate technology advances and stimulate local software economies through skills and professional training, industry partnerships and innovation.

There are now more than 100 Microsoft Innovation Centers worldwide

Benefits of MIC

  • Help the students to grow with industry Connections
  • Opportunity of Internship for 250 students
  • Opportunity of Employment for 100 students
  • Academic Alliance
    • World Wide Connectivity {OU on MS)
  • Support of IT Academy
    • Latest Study Material
    • Regular Webinar Conduction
    • PDF, Audio, Video Lectures
  • Accounts for Students
    • DreamSpark
    • BizSpark
    • Web store account
  • Innovative Ideas Development
    • Imagine Cup
      • Platform for World Wide Competitions
      • First prize is $50,000
      • International Exposure
  • Ideation Festival
    • National Level Competitions
  • Microsoft Student Partner(MSP) – We have 5 MSPs from Oriental University Indore
  • Benefits to MSPs
    • Exposure in the University, Training
    • Free Microsoft Software, Reference Materials, Betas
    • Direct interaction with Microsoft
    • Access to 10 Free MCTS Certification vouchers
    • Free training for AdExcellence program
  • Infrastructure for MIC
  • Training and Certifications
    • Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA)
    • Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS)
    • Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)
  • Guidance from Steering Committee
  • Apps Developments
    • Free / Paid Apps
    • Start Earning in Parallel with Study
  • New Startup’s