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DEBATE COMPETITION on 13th Feb. 2020 - Oriental University

Event Details:
Date: 13-02-2020
Time: 11 am – 1.00 pm
Venue: Smart Class, OSBM&C, OUI
Coordinator: Faculty OSBM&C, OUI
No. of Participants: Faculty (03) and Students (41)

  • Faculty- OSBM&C Department, Oriental University, Indore
  • Students of OSBM&C, Oriental University, Indore

Oriental University, Indore had organized a DEBATE COMPETITION on 13th Feb. 2020 at smart class OSBM&C, Oriental University Indore. The topic for the Debate was given. The Faculty members conducted the Debate to help improve the speaking skills and the knowledge of the candidate. The event was graced by faculties of OSBM& C and students of OSBM&C.
Important Points of Discussion

  • A list of topics was written on a sheet of paper. These topics were decided by the faculty member. A list of 10 topics has been given.
  • The topics include areas like friendship, stress, present Education Policy in India, the Impact of Social media, etc.
  • These topics have been carefully chosen to abreast the students with the latest developments in the world. Also, to develop their mental abilities.
  • A student has been chosen at random and is asked to decide from the list of topics. The student at once has to decide the topic and express his views on the topic.
  • After a student finished speaking, the audience which consists of a mixed course of students like BBA, MBA, BJMC, and B.Com. They ask the speaker if they are not satisfied with him.
DEBATE COMPETITION on 13th Feb. 2020