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Incubation Cell - Oriental University

Oriental University is continuously progressing towards incubation activities, and in this series, an incubation cell is formulated. Incubation Cell is responsible to promote start-up activities in the university. 


Following are the objectives of the incubation cell:

  1. To seek opportunities for innovation from students and faculty members;
  2. To promote ideas from different streams of higher education; and
  3. To provide different types of supports to ideas.

Team for incubation cell:

  1. Dr. Garima Ghai: Chairperson
  2. Dr. Mohit Maheshwarkar (ME): Member
  3. Dr. Tanmay Kasbe (CS & E): Member
  4. Dr. Gurdeep Singh (Pharmacy): Member
  5. Dr. Acharya Rishi Ranjan (Law): Member
  6. Dr. Neelu Gupta (Management): Member
  7. Mr. Sachin Patidar (Agriculture): Member