Incubation cell

Oriental University is continuously progressing towards incubation activities, and in this series, an incubation cell is formulated. Incubation Cell is responsible to promote start-up activities in the university.

Following are the objectives of the incubation cell:

  1. To seek opportunities for innovation from students and faculty members
  2. To promote ideas from different streams of higher education
  3. To provide different types of supports to ideas.

Team for incubation cell:

  1. Dr. Garima Ghai: Chairperson
  2. Dr. Mohit Maheshwarkar (ME): Member
  3. Dr. Tanmay Kasbe (CS & E): Member
  4. Dr. Gurdeep Singh (Pharmacy): Member
  5. Dr. Acharya Rishi Ranjan (Law): Member
  6. Dr. Neelu Gupta (Management): Member
  7. Mr. Sachin Patidar (Agriculture): Member