Mechanical Engineer, as the name implies, is concerned with the mechanical part that are inherent components of every running machine. No machine can be thought of running without gear and other devices that require well engineered designs and implementations before being launched in the market. Every single component needs to be designed, monitored and thoroughly tested under a wide range of tough circumstances so that no device fails during its running in real scenario. This involves expertise in far sighted designing, reasoning and calculations were in a very minor mistake can result in disastrous outcomes. In order to make sure that every engineer succeeds with great efficiency, the department of Mechanical Engineering has set up a chain of learning processes where every concept is first taught thoroughly and then is demonstrated to prove the compliance of concept in the minds of students.

To provide thorough learning, the department keeps itself up to date with the latest trends and developments. Mechanical department of OIST – The Best Mechanical Engineering College in Indore, Madhya Pradesh understand that our country needs skilled engineers in every sector, especially in power sector, steel industries, aeronautics etc. To meet this growing demand, the department has set up many labs with every required equipment with adequate space and skilled trainers such that the student is able to prove his worth successfully in the field of manufacturing, servicing, marketing, software and overall management of industries. The department is well equipped with labs like central work shop, fluid mechanics & hydraulic machine, material testing, mechanical measurement, heat power, refrigeration & air conditioning, applied mechanics & machine dynamics, CAD/CAM, simulation & modelling to teach and train the students with latest knowledge & softwares.

The provision of such a high quality infra, learning process and skilled faculty bring OIST on the top of the list of Best Mechanical Engineering Colleges in Indore.