Music Club

Music plays a huge role within everyday society, from the advertising campaigns of corporate businesses, to live performances. Considering this fact, the formation of a music club at the university is being proposed.

Following are the objectives of the department:

  1. To awake awareness in the students for music (vocal, instrumental and dance)
  2. To train interested students in different categories
  3. To send students to different music competitions.

Following are the proposed activities of the music club:

  1. To organize music competitions
  2. To organize music events
  3. To add faculty members and students members in the club
  4. To procure and maintain music instruments.

Following are the details of team members of music club members:

  1. Mohit Maheshwarkar, HOD, Mechanical Engineering Department (In-Charge)
  2. Geetanjali Sharma, HOD, Education Department
  3. Bhavani Kumawat, Electronics and Communication Department.