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Music Club - Oriental University

Music plays a huge role within everyday society, from the advertising campaigns of corporate businesses, to live performances. Considering this fact, the formation of a music club at the university is being proposed.

Following are the objectives of the department:

  1. To awake awareness in the students for music (vocal, instrumental and dance);
  2. To train interested students in different categories; and
  3. To send students to different music competitions.

Following are the proposed activities of the music club:

  1. To organize music competitions;
  2. To organize music events;
  3. To add faculty members and students members in the club; and
  4. To procure and maintain music instruments.

Following are the details of team members of music club members:

  1. Prof. Rohini Malviya, Education Department (In-Charge);
  2. Mohit Maheshwarkar, HOD, Mechanical Engineering Department (In-Charge);
  3. Geetanjali Sharma, HOD, Education Department; and
  4. Bhavini Kumawat, Electronics and Communication Department.