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National Seminar Attended by the Law Students of OUI

National Seminar on “Human Rights- Challenges in Time Ahead”, Dated 30th March 2019 Attended by the Law students of Oriental University.

On 30/03/2019, School of Law, Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya, Indore, organized a national seminar on Human Rights. Fifteen Students and Four Faculties of Oriental School of Law participated.

 The following faculties and students participated in the national seminar on “Human Rights- Challenges in Time Ahead” organized on 30/03/2019.

Name of Faculties-

  1. A.R. Ranjan
  2. Pramod Kumar
  3. Namrta
  4. Rakhi Pande

Name of Students-

  1. Piyush Dubey
  2. Akash Shrivastava
  3. Sanjay Arya
  4. Nitish Jadhav
  5. Deepak Panwar
  6. Vishal Patidar
  7. Shubham Kumar
  8. Adarsh Verma
  9. Deepali Choudhary
  10. Ambalika Singh
  11. Sourabh Sahu
  12. Kavita
  13. Nikita
  14. Priya Kumari
  15. Rajesh Goud

In the National Seminar, speakers were expert in Human Rights from different National law school and member of Madhya Pradesh Human Right Commission.

Dr. Arvind Tiwari who is the professor and head of the TISS, Mumbai addressed on the topic: “Human Right’s Lessons from Indian Culture and History: A Critical Overview”. He explained the Concept of Human Rights and co-related with Indian Culture and Society. Moreover, he also discussed the issues relating to human rights. In his discussion, he said that Human Rights play a very important role in democratic countries. Additionally, he added that we need not have any new enactment in order to curb violation of human rights and we should create public awareness in order to protect human rights.

Dr. Vikas Gandhi (Prof. of National Law University, Gandhinagar, Gujarat) was speaking on the topic “Challenges in Implementation of Human Rights: A Perspective from Global, Regional and National Mechanism”. He narrated the concept of Human Rights with the help of jurisprudential theories such as Natural Law Theory/Divine Law and Positive Law Theory. Furthermore, he also discussed the bill of rights, Habeas Corpus and MAGNA CARTA 1215, which is known as World’s first citizen’s charter. In addition to this, he also explained the development of human rights and incorporation in the Indian constitution. 

Dr. Uday Pratap Singh (Prof. of NLIU, Bhopal) spoke on the topic “Universal Culture and Human Rights: Prospecting Challenges”. His discussion was on the relationship between fundamental rights and human rights; International documents on human rights namely UDHR 1948, ICCPR (International Covenant on Civil and Political Right) 1976, ICESCR (International Covenant on Social, Economic and Cultural Rights). Moreover, he also discussed on the Protection of Human Rights Act, 1993 and establishment of the National Human Rights Commission and its power.

Shri Manohar Mamtani (Member Madhya Pradesh Human Right Commission) was the chief guest. With the help of decided cases, he explained various relevant issues of human rights. In addition to this, he also discussed the Sabarimala case, D.K. Basu case, Pratap Singh case, Sunil Batra case and Visakha case.

Consequently, the National Seminar on “Human Rights-Challenges in the time ahead” was useful for both students and faculties.

National Seminar Attended by the Law Students of Oriental University at DAVV